Rules & Guidelines

BLOL reserves the right to change these at any time and without notice.
Please check back here regularly to keep yourself updated.
Last update: November 23, 2019

Terms of Service

We (BLOL, Boyland Online, Boyland, the site, us) offer you a service free of charge under terms set forth here. These terms are non-negotiable, and your registration is evidence of agreement to these terms. These terms may be modified at any time for any reason we decide, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are kept up to date with these terms. Failure to follow the terms may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to revocation of your ability to use the service or parts of it on a permanent or temporary basis and/or removal or modification of your content.

In registering for an account at Boyland, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. All content will be legal in the United States of America, and specifically in California.
  2. You are 16 years of age or older.
  3. You are not registering in search of, or to post:
    • Pornography of any form (legal or not).
    • Nude or erotic depictions of persons of any age.
    • Stories of an erotic or sexually graphic nature.
  4. You will not perform any action to put the site or any visitor at legal risk.
  5. You will not use this site to defame or otherwise attack another website or service provided for childlovers.
  6. You will not use this site to be abusive, hateful, discriminatory, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate, towards any person.
  7. You will not use this site to advocate or counsel sex with minors.
  8. You agree to follow all of our Rules and Guidelines.
  9. You agree to our Privacy Policy, including the section about cookie usage.
  10. This is your only registration and you have access to no other existing account at Boyland.
  11. Content posted on the site represents only the author and does not reflect the opinion of Boyland or its staff.

Forum Rules

  1. Your conduct towards members should be considerate and respectful at all times, regardless of your feelings or opinions. You will not flame members, persons not present to defend themselves, or other online organisations and websites. You will not troll or bait members either.
  2. You are not permitted to post links to sites that may pose a threat to Boyland's legal standing or contain unverifiable content. This includes: sites with nudity or pornography; sites containing erotica; image hosting sites or albums; download sites; blogs; sites (or parts of sites) requiring login or a subscription to access; or sites with changing content. Exceptions may only be permitted with explicit permission from Boyland administration prior to posting.
  3. You are not permitted to use the board or features offered by the board to: conduct, or facilitate in the conduction of, illegal activities; advocate or suggest illegal activities be conducted by members; post about prior or future planned illegal activity; accuse other members of conducting illegal activity in past, in present, or in future; or provide or facilitate access to illegal content.
  4. Content that is sexually graphic or erotic in nature, or is otherwise determined to be inappropriate or unnecessarily salacious, is forbidden.
  5. Content that might result in the identification of any member (including yourself) is forbidden on grounds of member safety. This includes sharing off-site contact information of any form through the public forums. Exchange of off-site contact info may only be performed via PMs.
  6. Requesting personal information from, on, or about members under the age of 18 is forbidden. Asking for advice on approaching or getting close to boys under the age of 18 is also forbidden.
  7. You will remain respectful of the other sex regardless of your opinion on them. If you dislike or harbour a special hatred for girls, express such views respectfully or not at all.
  8. The use of the board’s Private Message system to circumvent these rules is forbidden and abuses are subject to removal of your PM privileges indefinitely, along with additional sanctions.

Media Rules

For the purpose of this section, “media” refers to pictures, videos, and audio clips.

  1. The following non-exhaustive list of content types of media are forbidden from being posted or requested at all times: Nudity (even if no genitals are visible), pornography, erotic in intent or nature, displays obvious state of arousal, bondage, yaoi, shotacon, lolicon, girl-only content (no boys in posted media). Your membership may be terminated if you fail to comply with this rule. Cropped or edited images that would violate this rule in their original form will be handled the same.
  2. Media from model organisations for the purpose of resale to paedophiles is forbidden, along with other non-specific sets. For reference, this is an incomplete list of the disallowed agencies or media sets:
    • ComingAtYer (CAY)
    • NewStar
    • Meet the Models (MTM)
    • Made 2 Model (M2M)
    • Modelteenz
    • Model Promotions
    • Sons of Zeus
    • Star Kids
    • Tiger Underwear
    • Tinymodel
    • TruBoyModels (TBM)
    • Leaf
  3. Media not authored by yourself and bearing a watermark or copyright tag is forbidden, including any commercially copyright pictures or stock pictures. The only exception is if you own the image or ALL of its copyright yourself.
    • Videos and video links from YouTube and similar video-sharing platforms are permitted provided that they comply with other board rules. No part of the video may contain any imagery that violates these rules.
  4. Media that exposes the pubic mound, to where pubic hair would be visible if the subject was old enough, is forbidden.
  5. Media where the focus is on the subject's pubic region or buttocks are prohibited. Exceptions may be made where the picture or video is part of a series and other pictures or videos without such focus have been provided in the same thread.
  6. Media that demeans the boy (soiled underwear, “accidents”, etc) is forbidden.
  7. Flooding the galleries is not permitted. This includes: posting more than 5 threads per-forum per-day, and posting any thread that contains more than 20 images. Members with slow connections will suffer if you do this, as will our staff who have to moderate it.
  8. Signatures on the board may not be bigger than 550px by 350px, and must comply with all other board rules.


  • Images uploaded to the board are resized to 1200x1200.
  • While external images are put through a SSL proxy, we prefer members upload to our host using the attachment system. To view your current attachments, please check the following link:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a staff member, send us an email, or use our contact form here.
We are all here to help you.

For adminstrative queries and copyright takedown requests

Please use our primary admin email address and wait patiently for a response. This process may take up to 72 hours, depending on adminstrator availability and our ability to find information.

For member support questions

You are still encouraged to send an email, though using the contact form may be better to differentiate your request for support from other administrative queries we may received.

Email addresses

The administrative email address is admin [at]

All staff members have individual email addresses, and can be found using this format: $(nickname) [at], where "$(nickname)" is the username of that staff member.