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If you think your board is down,
you can verify by checking here.

Available checker mirrors:

HTTPS/SSLNeeds emails?Allows Tor/VPN?Logs IP?Logs devices?External images?Safe ext. linking?Minimum age?
Ethos (Online)
Boylandonline (Online)
BoyPlanet (Online)
World Unity (Online)
YesYesYesNoNoYesYes13 (Online)
YesOptionalYesNoNoNoYesNo Tor (Online)
Boys Magical Wonderland (Pending)
World of Boys (Pending)
Boy Moment (Online)
YesYesAfter regYesYesYesYes13

Tor checking might be buggy! Please keep this in mind while checking Tor services.

If your board is not here, please send a message to FalseAlias or admin [at] with all the relevant information, who will then give you further instructions on how to make sure your board is ready to be added to this list.

[2018-03-15] BoyMoment back up

Hi All

apologies for this last downtime, there's a few technical issues which started at the same time forced us to make some changes with the config of our domain and some other settings.

At the moment our emails are down

We're not sure about the full details yet, but its nothing serious to worry about

If you havent done so already, please make sure that you have a valid email set in your profile, in case there will be some other changed we cant expect and we'll want to contact you.

[2018-03-03 Weird Radio] Weird Radio down

Due to the events which caused Enchanted Island to close, the Weird Radio website is additionally offline. The radio stream should be working as normal, and can be found here: (select and copy link please).

Thank you.
Weird Radio crew