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BLOL is back up.

Downtime started: 2018-12-16 02:08 AM GMT

Downtime ended: 2018-12-18 01:09 PM GMT

Hello Boylanders.

Firstly we will apologise for the downtime. We won't put you at risk and didn't want to reopen the site until we were sure all of your data stored here was safe. That may have resulted in downtime longer than desired, but for safety we'd say that's worth it.

At approximately 2:08am GMT, December 16, there was an SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) login. There was one action performed: The folder containing all of the web-accessible content was moved. As a result, the site produced Error 404 responses. At 11:44am GMT, we noticed the downtime and put up a page informing visitors of such. At 12:48pm GMT, we found where the web-accessible content was moved to and restored it to its proper place, but elected to keep the site closed until we were sure that the databases were not compromised.

An email conversation with our host eventually confirmed that the limited methods of database access were not utilised during the downtime indicating that your user data was not compromised. No scripts were used to try read the database. After an SFTP review, we were also able to confirm that the only action performed was the relocation of the web-accessible directory.

In the interest of security all the admin passwords were changed within 10 minutes of when we put up the downtime notice.

The site remains as operational as it was before, and it is safe to continue participating as you were previously.

Again, we apologise for the downtime.

Thank you, and happy Boylanding :)
BLOL Administration


2018-12-18 01:13 PM GMT: BLOL has been reopened, and a statement posted on the downtime. The homepage will also display this notice for 24 hours before returning to its normal Christmas theme.

2018-12-18 12:16 PM GMT: User data was not compromised. We had a conversation with our host and determined that user data has not been compromised in any way. The board will be reopening today once we've prepared a more formal statement on the events.

2018-12-17 03:04 PM GMT: The 2GB of files previously mentioned are not missing. The filesize difference between the current site and the backup was previously assumed to be missing files, but has since been identified as a filesystem-related size difference. There are no missing files at this point. We are still working to determine whether user data was compromised, and this may still take more time.

2018-12-17 12:38 AM GMT: We heard back from the host. We've identified the cause of the downtime and we have recovered almost all of the files. There is still 2GB missing, and we are working with our host to locate and restore that 2GB. The host is still determining whether user data has been compromised, and until this is done we will not be reopening the site. As mentioned already, this may take a while.

2018-12-16 3:12 PM GMT: As far as we are aware, no data of any kind has been lost. We have not heard back from the host about anything yet.

2018-12-16 1:54 PM GMT: Host has been contacted and we're waiting for their response so we can figure out what's happened and why.

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